Make a Goal. Set a Path.

Planning your career—and understanding how your military skills translate to the civilian world—are key to future success. We’re connected with companies and organizations throughout the state that can help you and your families reach your goal. Take a look at the resources below for more information.

Career Planning Resources

Operation: Job Ready Veterans

OJRV is a midwest nonprofit partner with INvets. They are dedicated to bridging the transition gap for veterans, service members, and military families by providing transitional assistance, career development coaching, and employment-seeking services. They connect with employers seeking qualified candidates. Their support services complement what we do at INvets. 

VETS Seminars 

All the assistance you need with translating your skills, writing a compelling resume, networking, preparing for an interview, etc. One-on-one and group career coaching is available after seminars and is used to help veterans discover their interests and career ambitions.  

Employment Transition Assistance

Assistance is available and can include the following services:

  • Pre-employment training and placement coaching
  • Transition plan development
  • Interview prep and coaching
  • Help with social media
  • Tips on working with recruiters
  • Onboarding strategies
  • Networking support

The Veteran’s Guide to Solar Jobs

The solar industry offers job opportunities for candidates with diverse skill sets and experiences.  The jobs that may come to mind first are technical in nature (installers and electricians are the backbones of the workforce), but the industry is supported by a wide range of job functions including communications, project management, engineering and more. These job functions differ in nature but are tied together by a few common threads: most require skills in logistics, punctuality, leadership and working effectively as a team — all things that veterans come well-equipped with. 

Although veterans have the ability to do a number of high-value jobs, transitioning back to civilian life can be challenging after returning home from active service. The skills and training that veterans undergo in service don’t translate easily onto a resume, and as a result, some struggle to find gainful employment. 

However, the solar industry offers a natural fit for veterans entering the workforce. In this guide, we’ll discuss the challenges veterans face, as well the programs and businesses that offer support.

The Veteran’s Guide to Starting a Small Business

As a veteran, many of the skills you learned in the military can be especially helpful in running a business. The wide range of hard and soft skills you acquired through service can be transferred with great success to the private sector. Many veterans are doing just that.

While funding can be an obstacle for many new entrepreneurs, veterans have some advantages. Federal agencies must set aside a certain amount of funding for vets. This is especially helpful, given that many veterans lack sufficient credit history to obtain funding from traditional sources like banks.