Career Overview

Career Overview

median salary
jobs nationwide in 2018
approximate # of new jobs by 2028
List item iconRespond to emergency situations, providing critical first aid.
List item iconProvide patient assessments and quickly determine treatment options.
List item iconWork together with a team of physicians, nurses, and other EMTs and paramedics.
List item iconGet the potential opportunity to work on a rescue helicopter or airplane.
List item iconLearn to drive an ambulance in an emergency situation.
List item iconKeep detailed records of care given to patients.

What It Takes

Many veterans are well positioned to thrive as an EMT/paramedic. Lots of the skills and attributes you develop in the military translate to these fast-paced jobs, and they’re a natural fit for people who want to stay on their toes—and deliver care to people who need it most. 

A Desire to Help

If you’re good at looking out for others and always have a desire to help, EMT/paramedic might be a great fit.

Situational Awareness

This is a career where you can’t afford to make mistakes. That means making accurate, rapid assessments.

Technical Accuracy

Being detail oriented—and able to follow strict procedures—is important for EMTs and paramedics.

First Aid Proficiency

While not necessary, a basic knowledge of first aid is a great starting point for this career.  

Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to diagnose what’s wrong with a patient can be life or death, so being able to quickly solve problems is key.

Excellent Fitness

EMTs and paramedics are often on their feet and need to be able to lift heavy objects, including people.  

Career Progression

Career Progression

Step 1
Get CPR certification
Step 2
Enroll in accredited EMT program
Step 3
Get state/national EMT license
Step 4
Continue education to be a paramedic

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