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INvets is made up of a dedicated group of veterans, military spouses, career development experts, and content specialists who understand how important veterans and their spouses are to our Indiana workforce. You can get to know a little bit more about us below.

Blaine Zimmerman

Blaine, a former infantry noncommissioned officer, spent time in the Army’s 10th Mountain Division before moving to Indiana, earning an MBA from Butler University and becoming a commissioned officer in the Indiana National Guard. Blaine’s experience gives him a great perspective as he leads as our President and CEO .

Blaine Zimmerman LinkedIn

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Name:  Blaine Zimmerman

Title:  President & CEO

Military branch:  U.S. Army 

Favorite military job:  Company Radio Telephone Operator (RTO)

Years of service:  15

Rank:  1st Lieutenant

Favorite movie:  Empire Records

Favorite book:  The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstram

Favorite podcast:  The Presiquential Podcast

Best vacation:  Sanibel Island with my family

My pet’s name is:  Beverly

In my spare time, you can find me:  Running, probably

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  Murphy’s Craft House

Favorite Indiana day trip destination:  Hinkle Fieldhouse

Sarah Harrison

Sarah is a communication, business development, and sales professional with an international multicultural background. She served in the U.K. Territorial Army for eight years—equivalent to the Army National Guard. Sarah worked for the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership initiative, Conexus Indiana, for five years.

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Title:  VP of Veteran Engagement

Military branch:  United Kingdom Territory Army, 212 + 219 Field Hospital

Favorite Military Job: Combat Medic Technician

Years of service:  8

Rank:  Corporal

Favorite food:  My default meal is good cheese & crackers (make it smelly cheese!)

Favorite band:  Eclectic music taste, Motown and Soul are my two favorites.

Favorite vacation:  Too many to count. I want to go to Africa Serengeti

My pet’s names are: Alfie and Duncan (Mutt and Cockapoo)

My dream car is a: Not really a car person but I would not walk away from a Porsche 911

In my spare time, you can find me:  Hiking with my dogs, kayaking, enjoying time with the young adults that started out as my kids

Favorite drink:  Malbec and tea of course

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  Not a massive foodie but Provisions is good.

Favorite road trip destination:  Anywhere, love road trips

Favorite Indiana day trip destination:  Southern Indiana

Katelyn Colclazier

Katelyn received her degree from Indiana State University and later enlisted in the United States Army Reserves. She has since become a commissioned officer, and currently still serves as an Executive Officer of the 932nd Forward Surgical Team in Indianapolis, IN. Katelyn’s military and civilian experiences provide her with a unique perspective, allowing her to better help connect with a number of resources.

Katelyn Colclazier LinkedIn

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Title:  Vice President of Advancement

Military branch:  United States Army Reserve

Favorite Military Job: Executive Officer(XO)

Years of service:  8

Rank:  1LT

Favorite food:  Mexican food

Favorite band:  Machine Gun Kelly

Favorite vacation:  Dominican Republic

My pet’s names are: Morty and Major

My dream car is a: Black Range Rover

In my spare time, you can find me:  Traveling, volunteering, working out or riding around on a scooter downtown.

Favorite drink:  Old Fashion

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  Verde

Favorite road trip destination:  San Antonio, TX

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: Nashville, IN

Kelsay Little

Kelsay serves as Director of Finance & Operations. Kelsay brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in organizational procedures, finance, and non-profit processes. She is also the co-founder of a non-profit youth track and field organization, called AthLead Indy, where she manages all of the operational and day-to-day responsibilities.

Kelsay Little’s LinkedIn

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Title:  Director of Finance & Operations

Favorite food: Street Tacos

Favorite band:  Adele

Favorite vacation: Charleston, South Carolina

My pet’s name is: Flash, a sheepadoodle

My dream car is a:  I don’t dream about cars

In my spare time, you can find me: Running a youth non-profit called AthLead Indy, spending time with family, and making home improvements

Favorite drink: Coffee in the morning, Kentucky Mule in the evening

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  Ivanhoes

Favorite road trip destination:  St. George Island, Florida

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: Bloomington

Brian Evans, Marine Corps, Suit, Infantry, Dover, Dignified Transfer, Arlington National Cemetery, Marine Barracks Washington, Liberty University, Government, Public Administration, History, White House, Partnership, Outreach

Brian Evans

Brian manages company relationships after spending time in the Marine Corps and working for the White House as a civilian. He provides resources and guidance for employers looking to hire and retain veterans. Brian earned his Bachelor’s of Science at Liberty University in Government-Public Administration with a Minor in History.

Brian Evans LinkedIn

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Title:  Director of Outreach & Partnerships

Military branch:  U.S. Marine Corps 

Favorite military job:  Dover Dignified Transfer NCOIC

Years of service:  4.5

Rank:  Sergeant

Favorite movie:  Tombstone

Favorite book:  Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin 

Favorite podcast:  The Joe Rogan Experience

Favorite food:  Bacon and Eggs

Favorite athlete or celebrity:  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

My pet’s name is:  Cooper, a mixed terrier

My dream car is a: 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS

In my spare time, you can find me:  Reading, writing, watching Netflix, and spending time with my wife and son.

Favorite drink:  Coffee

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  St. Elmo Steak House

Favorite Indiana day trip destination:  Nashville, Indiana

Jerry Young, Infantry, Army, Air Force, Veteran, Combat, National Guard, Indiana, Freedom Beard, Veteran Engagement Manager, LinkedIn.

Jerry Young

Jerry retired from the military after a dual-branch career in both the active-duty Air Force and the Indiana National Guard. Jerry has also had a diverse civilian work history that he draws upon to connect veterans and their spouses with employers and resources across the state.

Jerry Young LinkedIn

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Title:  Director, Veteran Ambassadors

Military branch:  U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army

Favorite Military Job:  Infantry Platoon Sergeant

Years of service:  20

Rank:  Sergeant First Class

Favorite movie:  The Big Lebowski

Favorite podcast:  The Joe Rogan Experience

Favorite food:  Steak, medium rare

Favorite phone app: Google maps; I travel a lot!

Favorite athlete or celebrity:  Robert Downey Jr.

The last video game I played was:  Angry Birds 2

My pet’s names are:  Lanx, Jacob, Nola (dogs)

Weird fact about me:  Babies and puppies melt my heart and I love to cuddle them

My dream car is a:  The EarthRoamer XV-HD

In my spare time, you can find me:  In my shop building custom lamps from reclaimed parts, watching Netflix, riding my Harley, and fishing with my fiancé

Favorite band:  Machine Head

Favorite drink:  Rip It energy shots

Favorite Indiana day trip destination:  Anywhere I can go fishing with my fiancé

Chaze Patrick

Chaze has a professional blended experience from his time in the Marine Corps to now. Throughout his career, he has served veterans in obtaining their healthcare, employment, and education goals. His experience has shaped his passions in workforce development, project management, and career guidance for those who need it.

Chaze Patrick’s LinkedIn

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Title:  Veteran Engagement Manager – Southern Indiana

Military branch:  United States Marine Corps

Favorite Military Job: Warehouse Clerk by occupation, but I have dressed up in a Bunny Suit and a Gorilla for family readiness events while enlisted. Was a great time providing joy and fun to military families

Years of service:  4 Years Active| 4 Years Inactive/Reserve

Rank:  Corporal (E-4)

Favorite food:  Haha! I love all types! Can’t put my finger on one type.

Favorite band:  I have a pretty diverse taste in music from Jazz to Rap. All depends on my motivations at the moment.

Favorite vacation:  Daytona Beach, Florida

My pet’s names are: Alvin (Cat) and Barkley (Dog)

My dream car is a: Smart Car with Autopilot (Hopefully in my lifetime)

In my spare time, you can find me:  When I’m not spending time with my family, usually volunteering within my area as a advisory board member for my local community foundation, being a servant leader through Rotary, and sharpening my communication and leadership skillsets through Toastmasters.

Favorite drink: Coffee in the morning, and  Sutter Home White Zinfandel Wine in the evening after the day is done.

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  Juicy Seafood (Evansville, IN). The best crab legs you can eat in Evansville.

Favorite road trip destination:  Driving down to Daytona Beach, Florida with the family

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: French Lick, Indiana

Dana Lescoe

Dana is the North Central Engagement Manager. A retired Army Forward Observer, Dana found a home here at INvets continuing his service to others. Dana is passionate about assisting veterans with transition and building relationships with his clients.

Dana Lescoe’s LinkedIn

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Title: Veteran Engagement Manager – North Central Indiana

Military branch: Army

Favorite Military Job: Fire Support Specialist (FISTER) or Deployed with my soldiers!

Years of service: 23 (21 active 2 reserve)

Rank: SFC (R)

Favorite food: Appetizers and Drinks

Favorite band: Michael Bubble or AC/DC if you want a band.

Favorite vacation: Anywhere with a beach

My pet’s names are: Dunkin, Leddy, Penny and Holly

My dream car is a: Audi A7/5 or 1967 GTO

In my spare time, you can find me: Golfing or working on my backyard oasis with plants, veggies and Dunkin.

Favorite drink: Dunkin Coffee

Favorite restaurant in Indiana: Shigs and Pit or Evil Czech

Favorite road trip destination: Chicago (Wrigley) Or Tampa (born and raised)

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: Michigan City (Lake, beach, food and shopping).

Jesse Pimental

Jesse has lived a couple of lives in a short time (relative to the age of the earth). He worked in the private sector for over 10 years before fulfilling his desire to serve in the United States military. He comes to INvets after his time in the US Air Force as a SERE Specialist. Jesse’s desire to continue to serve is what led him to INvets. The opportunity to work with service members in one of the more difficult decisions they will experience, what to do post-military, provides a tremendous amount of job satisfaction.

Jesse Pimental’s LinkedIn

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Title: Veteran Engagement Manager – Central Indiana

Military branch:  U.S. Air Force 

Favorite military job:  SERE Specialist (only job)

Years of service:  6

Rank:  E-4

Favorite movie:  Man on Fire

Favorite book:  The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite podcast:  Online Great Books Podcast

Best vacation:  Surfing in Portugal with Fam

My pet’s name is:  Bulleit

In my spare time, you can find me:  Running, lifting, reading

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  Brockway Pub

Favorite Indiana day trip destination:  Turkey Run

Andrew Messmer

Andrew is a former Army Noncommissioned Officer and Infantryman, medically retired after 15 years of service. Post-retirement Andrew earned an MBA from Indiana Tech and has worked in various roles serving the Veteran community.

Andrew Messmer’s LinkedIn

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Title:  Veteran Engagement Manager – Northeast Indiana

Military branch:  Army, Indiana National Guard

Favorite Military Job: Weapons Squad Leader, Small Arms Instructor

Years of service:  15

Rank:  Staff Sergeant

Favorite food:  Tomahawk bone-in ribeye steak

Favorite band:  Social Distortion

Favorite vacation:  Carnival Cruise line

My pet’s names are: Dax (dog)

My dream car is a: Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 SUV

In my spare time, you can find me:  having fun with my two boys or working with my non-profit Clothes For Joes

Favorite drink:  Whiskey, preferably Scotch or Bourbon

Favorite restaurant in Indiana:  St Elmo Steak House

Favorite road trip destination:  Scottsville, Ky

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: Pokagon State Park

Natasha Jefferson

Natasha’s well-rounded experience as an Executive Assistant/Office Manager represents strong analytical skill, daily operations management, event coordination, and savvy customer relations skill – all the while being a friendly team player who prides herself on being that go-to colleague for support and/or project management assistance.

Natasha Jefferson’s LinkedIn

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Title: Executive Assistant & Operations Assistant

Favorite food: Mexican and Italian

Favorite band: I honestly can’t name just one.. I love all 90’s R&B!

Favorite vacation: Orlando, Disney World or Kalahari Resorts

My pet’s names are: Goldie

In my spare time, you can find me: Finding and exploring new family adventures with my daughter and family!

Favorite drink: Mountain Dew is my guilty pleasure!

Favorite restaurant in Indiana: Hacienda Mexican Restaurants, South Bend

Favorite road trip destination: Chicago, IL

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: Has to be going back home to South Bend to visit family, friends.. oh and pigging out at all my favorite hometown eateries!

Rajendra “Tony” Singh

Tony is our INvets Ambassador located in North Carolina. As a retired Marine 1SGT, Tony has always had a passion for taking care of service members. Tony is dedicated to making sure everyone has a solid plan for their transition.

Rajendra “Tony” Singh’s LinkedIn

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Title:  INvets Ambassador

Military branch:  U.S. Marine Corps

Favorite job:  Infantryman/Combat Instructor

Years of Service: 22

Rank: First Sergeant

Favorite movie:  Rambo First Blood

Favorite book: We Were Soldiers Once, and Young

Favorite album: Thriller by Michael Jackson

Favorite podcast: Dan Bongino

Best vacation: Destin, FL

My pet’s names are: Harley and Panda

Favorite Food: Curry Chicken

In my spare time, you can find me: Spend quality time with my family & building cornhole boards

Favorite drink: Yuengling

Favorite Indiana day trip destination: Lake Michigan

Favorite Restaurant in Indiana: Tippecanoe Place in South Bend

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