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Jesse Pimental

Most of us who have served are well acquainted with David Goggins. The wild man running ultra marathons and sharing his story of overcoming adversity. Recently, I was discussing with someone who quoted Goggins in his favorite saying of how he is “taking souls” while on a run. I thought about that concept of taking souls, when it is relevant and when, perhaps it is time to do otherwise. While I love David Goggins for his “embrace the suck” mentality, there are times when we don’t want or need to take souls, but we want to uplift them. That’s how I look at what we do at INvets. We help transitioning service members find a great place to live in the state of Indiana and help them find meaningful employment through our network of businesses that are excited to hire veterans. 

When a person moves to a new community after years of service, and they feel at home, and their family is well taken care of, that is an uplifted soul. It’s a kind of generational wealth at its core. The kind of wealth that comes from within a person that they pass to their children. That is what makes the mid-west one of those places where many call home. No, it doesn’t have a majestic mountain landscape or an ocean view at sunset, but because of the people who are our neighbors, we have a richness in community that transcends natural beauty for an enriched soul. 

Community is one of the key aspects of why Indiana makes sense. When you have a strong community, you have a high quality of life. Lower commute times, people not living on top of one another, the ability to walk to main street, enjoy a good meal and a slow stroll back home all help contribute to raising a family in a great place and enjoying life. Uplifting the soul. In 2022 Carmel, IN ranked in the top 10 for best places to live in the United States for its miles and miles of interconnected trails, great restaurants, excellent school system and an arts and design district. 

Though Carmel, IN is in the central region of Indiana, there are many cities throughout the state, From South Bend to Evansville that offer a lower cost of living, great communities, great schools, hiking trails and fishing. Over the last couple of years, Indiana has become a top destination place for veterans looking to capitalize on their time in service by offering educational benefits to service member’s children, no state income tax on retirement income, reduction in property taxes and many other benefits too long to list here. All of this ultimately leads to an increase in our quality of life along with an uplifted soul.