How the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs Supports Hoosier Veterans


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Jennifer Welch

If you’re a veteran living in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) is your best resource for connecting with all of your military benefits. The IDVA was designed to work with veterans in every stage of life, and has programs and services that do great things for veterans across the Hoosier state.  

Many veterans don’t take full advantage of all the benefits available to them. One of the biggest reasons for this is they don’t know certain benefits exist—or that many of them are only available through the state. Another reason is that navigating the world of veteran benefits can be difficult and confusing. But by connecting with your County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO), you can apply for and receive your benefits quickly and easily.

How can my CVSO help me receive my benefits?

Every county in Indiana has a CVSO, and the IDVA partners with these officers to provide all the resources you need in one place. They are your first and most important point of contact when it comes to getting all of your benefits. 

Find and contact your local CVSO right here.

Your CVSO knows everything about state and federal benefits, and they can help you get important information, explain timelines, fill out applications, package them up, and send them off to the right places. They’ll also help make sure all of your family information is up to date—and they can keep you informed about everything that’s changing in the world of military benefits. 

What are some benefits for veterans living in Indiana?

The State of Indiana offers many outstanding benefits for veterans and their families. This includes university tuition and fee exemption for children of a disabled veteran, or children of a veteran who is POW/MIA or a purple heart recipient. That means the children of these veterans can attend Indiana’s state colleges free of charge.

Another benefit veterans get here is tax-free retirement pay. Starting last year, the state no longer takes tax money from retirement checks, which is a great monetary boost for our veterans—and another excellent reason to call Indiana home.  

The IDVA provides a huge range of other services and benefits for Hoosier veterans, including the Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF), which provides up to $2500 for military families in need. This funding is 100% provided by proceeds received from veteran license plates. Other benefits include property tax abatement, reduced hunting and fishing license fees, support connecting veterans with jobs and health care, and running and maintaining long-term care facilities.

If you want to learn more about all the state benefits veterans can get living in Indiana or the services the IDVA provides, be sure to check out the IDVA homepage.

Can the IDVA and my CVSO assist with federal benefits?

Federal benefits are a critical part of helping veterans live their best life after leaving the service, and the IDVA and your CVSO work together to help here, too. While most veterans apply for federal benefits when they leave the service, there are often situations where they miss out on certain programs either because they never learned about them or didn’t think they were eligible to apply. The IDVA and your CVSO can help make sure all your federal benefits are in order—and that if these benefits ever change or new benefits become available, you’re ready.  

If you’re a veteran considering Indiana as a permanent home, we think you’d be hard pressed to find a better state to put down roots and enjoy your life. It’s a place full of possibilities—and opportunities—for veterans of any age. And knowing that the IDVA always has your back is just one more great reason to call the Hoosier state home.